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    20 - 22 January 2023,
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Welcome to Spiral Horn Safaris

situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa with more that 100 000 acres of prime hunting land bordering Botswana.


Experience and research has provided us with the knowledge as to what is the corect compponents to the perfect hunt. BUT, you might require something unique. Spiral Horn can custommise any hunt based on your requirements. Just tell us what they are?

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Promotional Video 2021

Sit back, relax and enjoy our promtional video, showcasing some of the highlights of 2021 and what Spiral Horn Safaris has to offer. Whether you prefer to hunt with Rifle or Bow Spiral Horn Safaris strives to make it an unforgettable experience!

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Spiralhorn Safaris prides itself on the quality of its product. In order to offer the hunter different species, locations and hunting types we have offer different areas to our portfolio. Thus, ensuring that you will experience the hunt you desire.

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Hunting Gallery Bow, Rifle & Trophy

Our Hunting Gallery serves as a showcase to exactly what our clients have hunted and what hunters can expect on their next trip. Africa prides itself on its wildlife and your perfect animal might still roam our glorious landscapes. Your trophy awaits!

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    We specialize in the hunting of Dangerous game such as Lion, Leopard and Cape Buffalo as well as all huntable Plains game found in Southern Africa.

    Africa - South Africa, is a Bewildering idea or concept to come over to hunt....However this idea or concept is the ONLY Hurdle there is which the hunter needs to overcome..... the idea of this unknown foreign place with the misconceptions and sometimes bad press about it, BUT, it is so Normal and Modern and Safe, you will be surprised and this will be confirmed by ALL our References on this website, and, as we stated below, we give the hunter a very good hunting experience as well.... 

    Whether you prefer to hunt with Rifle or Bow Spiral Horn Safaris strives to make it an unforgettable experience! Come join Spiral Horn Safaris for a true South African hunting experience. Our plains game hunting safaris are ideal for both experienced hunters as well as for novice hunters.  Our Professional Hunters are very experienced and will ensure that both the experienced hunter and the novice hunter will enjoy their hunting safari.
    Our meals, food and accomodation are excellent and legendary. Most meals we use Meat of the different species hunted.


  • #At Spiral Horn Safaris we truly do enjoy having families with us on safari, it has become a true passion for us knowing that the future of our industry as well as the future of hunting as a whole depends on our young hunters. We do everything possible to ensure a good healthy hunting atmosphere with special focus being on our young hunters. Please note that all family safaris are conducted on a per group basis insuring that your family are the only hunters at our lodge for the duration of your hunt this ensures privacy and special attention. Because of the fact that we understand that there is no way of spending time than with family we are very focused on treating our family safari groups on an individual basis. Our professional hunters are well accustomed to hunting with young hunters and have the experience to understand that some clients may have specific needs and require patience.
  • #When it comes to the hunting of dangerous game nothing comes close to Africa, the dark continent has an abundance of game but none more well known that the Big Five namely elephant, lion, cape buffalo, leopard and rhino. Hunting the dangerous game of Africa is a dream of most experienced hunters there could be no greater challenge than to take on the likes of Cape buffalo in thick brush, stalking after a lion in the soft sands of the Kalahari, watching a leopard appear like a thief in the night over bait and walking up to the biggest of them all the mighty elephant were simply standing your ground is the true test of a man’s character. This romance between hunters and a formidable pray has attracted clients to Africa for decades there can be no greater test of a hunters skills than Africa’s dangerous game.
  • #Spiral Horn Safaris specialize in the hunting of both plains game and dangerous game in Africa. Louis van Bergen is an avid bow hunter himself and knows what it takes to harvest your dream African trophy. With 12 well equipped blinds on a hunting area of over 100 000 acres we do everything possible to ensure your hunting success. Dangerous game is hunted in a walk and stalk manner with fully qualified Big Five licensed Professional Hunters there as we realize there is no substitute for having an experienced guide, on your dangerous game hunt with bow.
  • #South Africa has the greatest diversity of plain game in the world making it the one of the most desirable hunting destinations amongst both experienced and inexperienced hunters. Spiral Horn Safaris have acquired some of the best areas for hunting all of the diverse species that South Africa has to offer. We cater to your every need weather it is hunting the likes of mountain reedbuck or the majestic kudu our objective is to provide you with top quality trophies hunted in their native habitat in a fair chase manner to preserve the true integrity of the hunt.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer bow and rifle hunting
  • Family Friendly Hunting Packages
  • Taylormade Packages to suit your every need
  • Big Five to Plains Game
  • Different Hunting Locations offering variouty of challenges

We're always looking for customer satisfaction, Such that we try In addition to providing an excellent services, We offer the best support, All of our customers are always satisfied.

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Client's Say

  • Excellent hunt all the way around. Fantastic animal quality, great food, wonderful lodging and an all around great hunt! I cannot wait to return.

    # Tom AddlemanKansas City, Missouri, USA

  • I had a wonderful hunt with Louis.

    # Ed BredemeyerSan Antonio,TX

  • I had the best hunt of my life. The 5 trophies that I took were outstanding

    # Prentiss BurtHouston, Texas